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Pharmaceutical products are not exempt from the practice of counterfeiting or piracy. In recent years, many studies have demonstrated the presence of huge quantities of counterfeit medicines on the worldwide markets. Several studies have demonstrated that they are often of very poor quality, they put the actual consumer at risk or both.

It is estimated that 5% to 8% of all world trade in branded goods are counterfeit, leading to huge financial losses in the pharmaceutical industry. But much more important, from a public health point of view, is that history has shown that such products may lead to a enormous health risks. The essence of counterfeit pharmaceutical products and the reason they are so dangerous is the complete absence of quality control, incorrect chemistry or toxins contained in the drug, since they are often indistinguishable from the genuine product. The existence of counterfeit drugs has long been ignored both by the pharmaceutical industry and by drug regulatory authorities. while some initiatives are being taken, nationally and internationally, to curb counterfeiting, Americas Watchdog has initiated a Global Piracy & Counterfeiting initiative . Americas Watchdog & its Global Piracy & Counterfeiting Consultants is all about consumer protection and corporate fair play. In our counterfeit pharmaceutical campaign we will marry our unique investigative skills with the actual pharmaceutical companies to insure that citizen worldwide are not put at risk by any drug not made by the actual manufacturer.

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