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Global Piracy & Counterfeiting Consultants
is focused on combating world wide piracy & counterfeiting of products and or intellectual property in behalf of our corporate clients.

The parent group Americas Watchdog is one of the best known consumer advocacy groups in the United States. Because both consumers and business are negatively impacted by product or intellectual property piracy or counterfeiting, we bring a enormous resolve to the table for our clients. We understand and have mastered the dynamics of world wide investigations, and we are very creative in establishing thresholds of proof that are solid and clear. We are also driven to produce the exact result desired by the client on a national or international basis. Aside from results, we will answer the who, the what, the where & the when for our corporate clients. We think the best way to prosecute a war against product or intellectual property counterfeiting, theft or piracy in behalf of our clients is with transparency and with passion. We will deliver on our commitments.

In 2002 Americas Watchdog and its President were nominated for the prestigious American Trial Attorneys Civil Justice Foundation's Community Champion Award for work in behalf homeowners nationwide.

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