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The Trade in Counterfeit Cigarettes

According to Phillip Morris "almost 90% of the smuggled cigarettes bearing Philip Morris International brand names seized by governments in 2002 were actually counterfeit. They were fakes, that is.

The trade in counterfeit cigarettes is a rapidly growing global problem. And it hurts tobacco manufacturers to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

Smokers who are tricked into buying fake cigarettes don't get the product they're expecting. In a recent BBC documentary, for example, counterfeit cigarettes were reported to have "75% more tar, 28% more nicotine and about 63% more carbon monoxide" than genuine cigarettes in the UK or US markets, and many were even "contaminated with sand and other packaging materials such as bits of plastic". 

 According to the European Commission, international criminal organizations involved in counterfeit production "exploit their workforce, often largely consisting of children who are locked up in cramped conditions without any concern for personal safety or human rights".


Americas Watchdog & its Global Piracy & Counterfeiting Consultants will work with tobacco manufacturers to expose manufacturers and importers of counterfeit cigarettes to law enforcement as well as specific other governmental agencies with the goal being criminal prosecution, forfeitures and or other sanctions.

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