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Software-Entertainment piracy is the unauthorized duplication of computer software or entertainment. Although most computer users today are aware that unauthorized use and duplication of software-entertainment is illegal, many show a general disregard for the importance of treating software as valuable intellectual property. From operating systems, software, to DVD's, CD's or computer games individuals think its ok to use for free or for a greatly discounted price.

According to the BSA (Business Software Alliance) Seventh Annual Global Software Piracy Study, revenue losses due to piracy for the business software application market exceeded $29 billion in the year 2003. Pirated software accounts for 36% of software in use worldwide. Entertainment programs or intellectual property theft accounts for billions more each year. By the year 2010, piracy is expected to rise to over 50% of the all software in use worldwide.


Aside from costing the companies that created the software billions each year, the actual downloading of "boot-leg" or counterfeit software-entertainment may actually put your computer at risk because the pirated software-entertainment may contain viruses or other serious problems.

It is the goal of Global Piracy & Counterfeiting Consultants to work with software developers/downloadable entertainment companies & law enforcement to stop software-entertainment piracy and to assist in the criminal prosecution of software pirates or counterfeiters.

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