Counterfeiting and Piracy are a global epidemic, reaching a scale now too great for individual governments, industry sectors or companies to solve because there is not yet a cohesive way to fight back. In response,  Americas Watchdog has formed Global Piracy & Counterfeiting Consultants to combat this enormous worldwide problem.

According to a June 2005 White House press statement, “growing global piracy and counterfeiting threatens the competitiveness of innovative industries, the livelihoods of creative artists and workers, and the health and safety of consumers in the European Union, the United States and beyond”.  In 2018 not only is the health and safety of consumers in the United State at great risk-people are dying. To illustrate this point  counterfeit fentanyl  used in Mexican Drug Cartel heroin or with counterfeit opioid pain pills  are now killing more citizens in the United States than car accidents each year.

Global Piracy & Counterfeiting Consultants sole mission is to counter the growing illegal trade in counterfeit and pirated products, and to protect the products and or intellectual property for corporate clients and average citizens. Our investigations will be targeted to the specific needs of our corporate clients and consumers on a worldwide basis.

If you are a business or corporation that has suffered because your products have been pirated or counterfeited please call upon us in order that GPCC might develop a specific plan to attack your issues and to protect your products.

If you are a US or European pharmaceutical company and counterfeiters are killing people with a counterfeit product bearing your trade marked name, fight back!  Silence is not working.